Sunday, January 17, 2010

Update #21

Marcus had a couple of procedures this last week. He had a Barium Swallow Study on Thursday(1/14), and a Broncoscopy and a CT scan (of his lung area) on Friday (1/15). They went pretty well. We did get some information, and the lab results from the tests will be available by the end of next week.

We found out that Marcus has silent aspirations and is getting milk and formula and maybe medicine in his lungs. He doesn't cough or give any indication that he is doing it, so we had no idea.

So as a result, all of his food has to be at least "nectar thick" now. I am not supposed to nurse him anymore either (which makes me kind of sad). He also can't have any juice, or water or formula that is not thickened. He does fine with thicker foods - baby food, baby cereal, etc.. We are going to try to be strict about this for a while and see if this helps his lungs to get healthy. He is doing well. Thanks for your prayers for him. We appreciate them very much.

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